• Mezcla means Mixture

  • A design is a product of mixing

  • a combination, a blend

  • MEZCLA is design

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Washington, DC


We are a Creative Studio located in Washington DC. We believe that design should be simple, seamless, and effective. We specialize in listening, analyzing, researching, and then communicating. We are inspired by architecture, landscape design, and nature. Consequently, we love designing, engineering, and building.

What do we do?

We explore different subjects through art and design. furthermore, we strengthen businesses' and NGOs' communications through creativity and technology.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

-- Steve Jobs --

Our Team

Our team is made up of a diverse and experienced group of professionals in fields such as Art, Design, Architecture, Writing, and Computer engineering. In addition to our training, we are passionate about the work we do, committed to delivering outstanding work.

Who are we anyway?

the team


Creative Director

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Jairo Rodriguez


Senior Designer

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Catherine Fernius Witt

Our clients include

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Our Services

With exceptional ideas and refined execution, we deliver outstanding products made with passion and commitment.


  • Jairo really took full ownership of our project. He turned his work around on tight and frequent timeframes, and even brought in additional help with new capabilities where needed. He's very collaborative, striking the right balance between guiding us to best practices and incorporating our feedback into his designs. The result was a well-received set of marketing collateral that clearly and aesthetically communicated our value proposition.

    Allison Phillips, Chief Operating Officer at LEARNING OBJECTS
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    Mike Smith, CodeCanyon
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    Sarah, GraphicRiver

From Our Portfolio

Discover our latest work across industries. Graphic design, web design, digital media design, and products design are among the disciplines that we explore.



3022 R St #3 NW Washington, DC 20007

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