Bogota Traveler

Bogota Traveler is a digital product that aimed to provide accurate and valuable information for travelers going to the city of Bogota, in Colombia.

After dozens of trips with friends to Bogota, we found that most people had two contrasting experiences. On one hand, they had a great time visiting all the tourist attractions guide by us. On the other hand, they  struggled find reliable information of places to go to. They wanted to feel independent and make their on decisions based on accurate information.

We started doing more research and we found out that the available Information on-line all had some kind of problem. The most common problem we identify was usability.  The websites were poorly structured, complicated navigation, too much or too little content, and lack of consistency throughout and bad photos. All felt like not a professional product.

At this same time, the New York Times, travel section, and other influential media, were publishing articles about Bogota, encouraging travelers to visit the city highlighting some areas worth visiting.

We found this to be an opportunity!

Every year, 2.2 million people visit Bogota. We interviewed 30 travelers from different parts of the world, Germany, France, USA, Spain, Argentina, and Brazil and validated what our friends had experienced. We learned more about what visitors are looking for and what the city has to offer and also leverage the deep knowledge we have of the city. Then we started looking a different strategies to connect visitors to attractions and design experiences.

We developed a business plan and started working on a product. We we knew that we wanted a online guide that could scales easily with an intuitive structure where we can put accurate and useful information for travelers. We wanted to connect with our audience  by featuring places and events that were for locals.  We wanted to create a relationship by showing something new, featuring destination and events that were not considered before.

We built a intuitive website where travelers can learn about the city and its cultural scene.

2.2 million travelers a year.

We created products for businesses and made alliances with government agencies to strengthen Bogota’s tourism attractions and services.


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