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ARC is a digital platform that helps people to find a safe roof during natural disasters. 

At MIT, IDM, Sharon Yan, Jasmine Qin, and I designed this digital platform for our client Citiventure.


We embarked on a 3-month journey and interviewed a diverse group of 27 individuals from 13 organizations. They come from all walks of life, including students, professors, lawyers, designers, hotel managers, politicians, and many more.  Additionally, we spent a full week traveling and observing in Puerto Rico. 

More than 130 thousand Puerto Ricans left the island soon after Hurricane Maria, and more than 4,600 people lost their lives. Many of these happened due to a lack of appropriate shelters. In particular, the elderly, people with disabilities, those with medical needs and low-income individuals found it the most difficult to stay under a safe roof.

Disasters such as Maria exposed the major gap in our society to provide adequate shelter for vulnerable populations.



ARC is a digital platform that matches individuals with access and functional needs with free and reliable temporary housing options to prepare for future natural disasters in the US.


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