Act – Ready – Connect

ARC is a digital platform that helps people to find a safe roof during natural disasters. 

We were tasked by Citiventures to design a product that had the potential of helping people and communities that have been affected by natural disasters.

We designed a strategy to deeply understand their space and motivations. We interviewed a diverse group of 27 individuals from 13 organizations. We spent a full week traveling and observing in Puerto Rico.

We learned and found opportunities


The elderly, people with disabilities, people with medical devices, and particularly in low-income individuals need it extra help and that created an opportunity to innovate. 


We created ARC. Act – Ready – Connect.

ARC is a digital platform that matches individuals with access and functional needs with free and reliable temporary housing options to prepare for future natural disasters in the US.

In a complex ecosystem, we created a seamless user experience.


In this project, my team was formed by Sharon Yan, business, Jasmine Qin, engineer, and me, UX designer.


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