MEZCLA is a platform to connect with clients and show the work that I do. I work closely with clients to best understand their business goals, product space, and users. Every project is an opportunity to make strengthen my clients products and make stronger customers experiences. I work hard in developing solid client relationships through communications, commitment, and hard work.

  • conduct human-centered design research to deeply understand users and their space
  • frame the problem, identify opportunities and layout the roadmap
  • prototype early and iterate to quickly validate ideas and create feedback loops from client teams and core users
  • make design guidelines and systems requirements that scale and lead to stronger and more resilient final products

Jairo Rodriguez

Product Designer  – Engineer – Maker 
Instagram.  —  Lnkd.

  • Product Design
  • UX
  • Service Design
  • Branding & Identity
  • IDB –  Inter-American Development Bank
  • The World Bank
  • IIC – Inter-American Investment Corporation
  • Bogota Traveler


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