Digital Government

Virtual mobility or mobility of a transaction are two areas of interest for us. We worked close to researchers and editors Benjamin Roseth, Angela Reyes on design this book. We loved the topic and we learned a lot from it and the researchers.

The book was made at the Innovation for Citizen Services Unit at the IADB and we feel very proud of the design we did.

Government transactions—requesting a birth certificate, registering a property, or opening a business, for example—are the way that citizens and companies connect with the government. Efficient transactions enhance the business climate, citizen perception of government, and access to crucial public programs and services.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, however, government transactions are often headaches. Public institutions rarely coordinate with each other, still rely on paper, and are more concerned about fulfilling bureaucratic requirements than meeting citizens’ needs.

DIGITAL PRODUCTS, efficient and transparent governments

Download the book in English or Spanish here


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